Business Relationship Building

Helping you to build up strong and professional business relationships by talking with your current customers about your services and seeing if there is anything further that you could do for them. Avoiding where possible the one off hits and making your business more sustainable by having a repeat customer base.


Searching the market to make sure that your company is getting the best value for money and deal possible within your budget. Listening to your needs and trying to find the perfect match for you and your customer/clients.


If you can’t make a networking event that you have booked on to, but feel that it would be beneficial to send someone in your place, then I would see if I am available to take your place and attend on your behalf. You would be required to cover my costs, but I would only represent you and not my other clients.

Maintaining Relationships

I hear so often about the fish that got away. I want to give your business the best chance at gaining sustainable income from repeat business/clients. So when you have signed the contract for the work and then delivered the product and service, I would still be speaking with those clients on a regular basis to make sure that everything is okay, they remember what you provided for them and to see if there is any other work that they need your services for.

Advice and guidance

After doing some ground work and research within your company, I would offer advice and guidance on where your business could look to improve and offer services that may be useful to you. Such as a Business Coach, Blogging Platform, IT Security, Website design, update etc

Contract Signing

Your time is valuable and you may find that there are somethings that you just don’t have time to do. For instance; driving 30 miles to have a contract signed, when you have meetings all day and can’t really spare the time to get it signed. I would travel to get the contract signed on your behalf and return it safely to your desk.